The Dhahan International Punjabi Literature Prize has been founded to celebrate the rich history and living present of Punjabi literature. While the cultural region of Punjab has been split in two since the 1947 partition of the subcontinent, Punjabi culture or Punjabiyat and its literature persist across borders, and across scripts: Gurmukhi (prevalent in the Indian Punjab) and Shahmukhi (utilized in the Pakistani Punjab). The Dhahan Prize will call attention to a wealth of literary production produced in these two scripts, in the Punjabi language, around the world, from Chandigarh to Lahore and from Birmingham to Abbotsford. In doing so it celebrates a language and culture that transcends and transforms borders. The Dhahan Prize will award $25,000 CDN annually to one “best book” published in either Gurmukhi or Shahmukhi. Two runner-up prizes of $5,000 CDN will be awarded, one for each script. Winners will be honored at an annual gala in Vancouver in October of the Prize year.

The Dhahan Prize is being be awarded by the Canada India Education Society (CIES) in partnership with the University of British Columbia (UBC). Over the past twenty years CIES has successfully undertaken educational, health care, and community development projects in Canada and India. Guided by a strong interest in Punjab, the Society partners in this literature prize with the Department of Asian Studies in the Faculty of Arts at UBC, which is home to one of the longest standing and most extensive Punjabi language and literature programs in North America. Building on UBC’s long-standing commitment to South Asian languages and cultures, and particularly to Punjabi language, literature and culture, the partners aim to highlight the literature of a rich and passionate language that can speak not only to Punjabis around the world, but to all.

Submissions will be accepted starting January 15, 2014 and must be received electronically in PDF format by March 15, 2014 and in hard-copy by March 31, 2014. Both electronic copies and hard copies must be received by these respective dates for the book to be considered.

Department of Asian Studies/Dhahan International Punjabi Literature Prize
Asian Centre, 1871 West Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T

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